Full Custom Design

Every Family Is Different, Let’s Build A Home To Fit Yours

Customers often tell us they’ve waited months for the right house before they find us. When the right house does show up for sale in the right location, it tends to be older and in need of renovations. There’s never even enough time to think it over with so many competing homebuyers also looking for the right house.

Isn’t it easier to build the house you’re looking for? You don’t have to wait on the fate of the market to decide for you.

As builders that specialize in disaster-resistant and energy efficient construction, we can build your home designs in either cinder block (CMU) or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). You can choose one of our plans, or we can price your custom plan.

To provide the fairest and most accurate price, we will estimate building costs after we carefully and thoroughly review your plans and assess your requirements. The features you select can otherwise impact a price per square foot and put you over your initial budget.

We build on the lot you choose so it is in your ideal location. Please note that no two building lots are exactly the same, which may cause prices to vary according to home and land specifications.

Construction Planning Architectural Design Service Design Selections

We want to remove the possibility of being blindsided by unexpected delays. We offer site evaluation and logistics plans, scheduling, budgeting, and risk awareness assessment. 

A custom home is an expression of its owners, their values, and style. Standard floor plans don’t work for everyone, and when it’s time to break the mold, that’s where we come in..

Our Home Design Manager is there to support and simplify the selections process. This is part of the overall satisfaction GreenBlock Development Group homebuyers have come to appreciate.