Full Custom Design

You shouldn’t have to rely on the fate of the listing market to make decisions for you.

We hear many stories from clients that spent months trying to buy a home before contacting us. When the right house finally goes up for sale in the right location, it typically needs some renovations before it fits the buyer’s vision. And with so many competing homebuyers also looking for their dream home, there’s rarely enough time to think before submitting an offer.

Wouldn’t you rather build the exact house you’re looking for? You can choose from our plans, or we can price your custom plan and build it in either ICF or CMU.

To provide the fairest and most accurate prices, we only estimate building costs after we carefully and thoroughly review your plans and assess your requirements. The features you select can otherwise impact the price per square foot and put you over your pre-planned budget.

We build on the lot you choose so it is in your ideal location. Please note that no two building lots are exactly the same, which may cause prices to vary according to home and land specifications.

Construction Planning Architectural Design Service Design Selections

We don't want to be blindsided by unexpected challenges. We employ a system to reduce the risk of delays without sacrificing quality, and we provide assurance from start to finish with detailed communication. Every home we build includes a site evaluation, logistics plan, project schedule, budget report and risk awareness assessment. Once construction begins, you'll be given access to your client portal for the added benefit of being able to track progress.

A custom home is an expression of its owner's lifestyle and tastes. Standard floor plans don’t work for everyone, but that's why we'll be here for you when it’s time to break the mold. Whether you go semi-custom or full custom, we'll make sure it's the right decision for you. Whether it's innovation or design, we'll give you numerous options for features and upgrades so you can customize which elements matter most to you.

Remember, we're not just building any home. We're building YOUR  home. Our simplified selections process will finalize your home with the right amount of aesthetic flair to match your style and budget. The GreenBlock Home Design Team will guide you through your choices and answer any questions you have.