Build Process

Pre-Construction: Phase 1

Customer and Architectural Drafter work together to revise and finalize brochure plan. Depending on the number of revisions, this process could take 1 week - 1 month. Once approved, customer signs the brochure plans and delivers it to GreenBlock Development Group

Pre-Construction: Phase 2

Architectural Drafter receives the go ahead to develop the front elevation, floor plan, electrical and foundation plans. Customer works with Drafter to revise and finalize the construction plans. Once Customer approves construction plans as drawn, initials and returns them to GreenBlock Development Group the Truss Engineer is notified to begin the truss set, and, if applicable, the Septic Engineer is notified to begin septic engineering. This process could take up to 8 weeks.

Permitting Process

Permitting: Phase 1

Once complete, the “Permit Set” is signed and sealed and submitted to the County Building Department. County approval takes approximately 6 weeks. During this time the Customer’s loan closes and the N.O.C (Notice of Commencement) is recorded. Once approved, permit is picked up and delivered to job-site.

Construction Process

Construction: Phase 1

Clearing and site work begin. If necessary, fill is brought it and property is graded. Surveyor goes out and stakes four corners of the property and marks finished floor elevation. Based off of surveyors marks, footers are formed and poured. This process takes approximately 60 days.

Construction: Phase 2

All underground plumbing and electric is installed. Concrete slab is poured. Inspection and slab survey is completed. ICF are stripped and structure is laid out. ICF gets stacked and braced. Window and door openings are verified and carpentry work is performed. Walls get poured. This process takes approximately 45 days.

Construction: Phase 3

Framing lumber and trusses arrive. Trusses are installed. Roof is sheathed and peel and stick is installed. Interior walls are framed. Windows and sliders are installed. Exterior doors are installed. This process takes approximately 45 days.

Construction: Phase 4

Electrical rough-in, plumbing rough-in, and HVAC rough-in are installed. Final roof is installed. Spray foam insulation is installed. EIFS/hardie board is completed. Drywall is installed. Floors and shower walls are prepped for tile. This process takes approximately 60 days.

Construction: Phase 5

Interior trim and doors are installed. Garage door is installed. Interior and exterior painting is completed. Flooring and wall tile are installed. Cabinets are installed. Countertops are installed. Mechanical trims are installed. Sprinklers, sod, and landscaping are installed. Driveway is installed. Final punch-out is performed. Final inspections take place. C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) is received. This process takes approximately 90 days.