GreenBlock Development Group builds hurricane resistant homes to keep you, your family and your investments safe.

Our ICF hurricane resistant homes will withstand winds exceeding 200 mph and projectile debris traveling over 100 mph. This means an F4 tornado or a Category 5 hurricane could pass over your home and you’ll be safe inside. 

The Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 reached winds of 185 mph as it passed over the Florida Keys. This was the highest speed that any hurricane topped out while it was in the state.

We live in a time where we can live in the beach homes we’ve dreamt about for years without fear of being wiped out by a storm, and it’s more financially feasible than you may think.


ICF hurricane resistant homes survived Category 5 Hurricane Matthew in Florida
ICF hurricane resistant homes survived Category 5 Hurricane Matthew in Florida

ICF Hurricane Resistant Survival Stories

A popular survival story featured on CNN is the “Lone Survivor” in Mexico Beach, FL. When Category 4 Hurricane Michael hit, there was a small amount of water damage and a cracked shower window. Three homes across the street were completely flattened.  

Russell King and Dr. Lebron Lackey, homeowners of a house left standing in Mexico Beach, FL following Hurricane Michael, say they kept asking themselves what would survive “The Big One” when they build their home. 

Another Florida home famously survived 2 major hurricanes. Mike and Kathy Russell’s one-week-old home was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Matthew, which had winds up to 165 mph and left $6 billion in damage in 2016. 

Then by their surprise, the Russell home took a second hit just one year later by Category 5 Hurricane Irma, the third strongest Atlantic hurricane at landfall ever recorded.

According to Mike and Kathy, there was water surrounding the home and the area was heavily flooded, but the home itself was unscathed from either of the hurricanes or the associated tornados.  

“To sum it up, my wife and I felt extremely safe and quite comfortable during both hurricanes,” said Mike Russel. “If there is a bright side to this story, every hurricane gives us a better river front view. We lost 10 trees during Matthew and 8 trees during Irma!” 

Mike Russel, Florida ICF homeowner.

GreenBlock Development Group values your comfort and security above all else. Are you considering building your next home with ICF? Contact us today.

ICF hurricane resistant homes withstand winds exceeding 200 mph

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Arthur graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration and a major in Real Estate. He entered the construction and development industry in 1991. His companies have built multi-family duplexes, townhomes, apartments, 1000 square foot patio homes and over 10,000 square foot mansions in his home state of Georgia. He has also built many homes in South Carolina and Tennessee.  Arthur has completed a few hundred residential and commercial projects from new home construction, commercial construction and multi-family homes. He has also completed multiple residential land development projects. Arthur has done development projects that include apartments, townhomes, duplexes and single-family subdivisions. Arthur has now turned his focus on the great state of Florida to put all of his years of real estate development and new home construction to use.