GreenBlock Development Group values your comfort and safety above all else, but we also believe you deserve a home that matches your lifestyle and where you live. We specialize in ICF construction, which combines insulating power with aesthetic versatility.  

Whenever architects need to design energy-efficient structures without modifying their normal design processes, they use ICF construction. It can be installed to fit and layout, and the interior and exterior can be finished in the same way as a conventional home. 

While the walls are concrete, they don’t need to be bare or heavily industrial looking. Drywall can be screwed into plastic strips in the forms, allowing the home to be plastered and finished like a conventional home – brick, tile, drywall, paint, etc. 

Architects prefer ICF construction for design flexibility and its other benefits

We build homes with ICF construction to last 100+ years

Home builders that specialize in ICF construction can build houses that will last over 100 years.

Thanks to the durability of your ICF home, you’re going to be much less worried about the cost of maintenance and repairs. Homeowners save money and time in the long run.

ICF wall systems are moisture resistant, which limits the growth of mold, mildew, and rot. Since the materials it’s made from are non-biodegradable, your structure also lacks organic food sources for termites and other pests. Ask your builder about complete waterproofing.

Quick ICF construction tip: 

If you’re trying to hang things on exterior walls, you’ll find the cement makes it difficult (which is a good thing for any other reason except decorating). An easy way around this is to use removable adhesive tabs.  

We work with custom house plans

Do you have a custom house plan you would like to us to build with ICF construction? Let’s discuss your house plan today.

GreenBlock Development Group will build your ICF home with the proper care and expertise you’re looking for. 

Builders Bio

Arthur graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration and a major in Real Estate. He entered the construction and development industry in 1991. His companies have built multi-family duplexes, townhomes, apartments, 1000 square foot patio homes and over 10,000 square foot mansions in his home state of Georgia. He has also built many homes in South Carolina and Tennessee.  Arthur has completed a few hundred residential and commercial projects from new home construction, commercial construction and multi-family homes. He has also completed multiple residential land development projects. Arthur has done development projects that include apartments, townhomes, duplexes and single-family subdivisions. Arthur has now turned his focus on the great state of Florida to put all of his years of real estate development and new home construction to use.