It’s true, homes get better air quality with ICF.

Stress comes from noise pollution, and health problems can come from poor indoor air quality. However, this can be mitigated by using the right structural materials for building.

Greenblock builds homes with insulated concrete forms (ICF). Air quality with ICF is superior because it has 3 major advantages for healthy living:

      • Improved air  

      • Allergy-free materials  

    Better Air Quality with ICF

    Do you use an air purifier? They cost energy to run and money to replace filters, but ICF minimizes their need because of their excellent Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) ratings. When installed properly by a qualified ICF home builder, the air tightness can lead to a 75% reduction in outside air infiltration (less dust and allergens). 

    ICF is the solution for allergy and asthma sufferers because there are no CFCs, HCFCs, or formaldehydes. Their air barrier system limits moisture so walls won’t rot or grow mold. Unlike buildings with other types of insulation, ICF walls release little or no airborne particulates.

    Concrete in general promotes a healthier indoor atmosphere since it’s practically inert. It requires no volatile organic-based preservatives like wood does, and it doesn’t need special coatings or sealers. It can also be easily cleaned with organic, non-toxic substances. 

    With ICF air quality is much cleaner

    Air Quality vs Noise Pollution

    Noise pollution in homes can cause mild problems such as headaches and distraction. However, it can also contribute to more serious problems like fatigue, high blood pressure and even fever. Here is a study on the adverse effects of noise pollution.

    ICF can help with soundproofing in addition to reducing dust and allergens.

    Knowledge check: What is IEQ? 

    ICF is recognized within the industry and by health experts for being a contributor of high Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). IEQ refers to the indoor environment of a building, as in how safe it is for people to occupy. It determines quality based on air quality, lighting, thermal conditions, and ergonomics.  

    IEQ is a valuable measurement since environmental quality affects everyone. Not just children and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions. Having excellent IEQ will protect human health, improve quality of life, reduce stress and minimize harm. 

    Builders Bio

    Arthur graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration and a major in Real Estate. He entered the construction and development industry in 1991. His companies have built multi-family duplexes, townhomes, apartments, 1000 square foot patio homes and over 10,000 square foot mansions in his home state of Georgia. He has also built many homes in South Carolina and Tennessee.  Arthur has completed a few hundred residential and commercial projects from new home construction, commercial construction and multi-family homes. He has also completed multiple residential land development projects. Arthur has done development projects that include apartments, townhomes, duplexes and single-family subdivisions. Arthur has now turned his focus on the great state of Florida to put all of his years of real estate development and new home construction to use.